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surface physics and material science d336b

Welcome to the Surface Physics and Materials Science Division of Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. This division conducts basic research in materials science with an emphasis on the structure and dynamics of systems confined to lower than three dimensions, as obtaining at surfaces and interfaces, in monolayer and multilayer films, and in nanoscale objects. It also explores the possible applications of such systems as in micro- and nano-electronics, and nano-biotechnology. The Division is involved in the growth of these systems using techniques starting from molecular beam epitaxy, low and high energy ion and cluster deposition, and chemical vapour deposition on one hand and 'soft' modes like self-organization and supramolecular chemistry, on the other. In characterization tools, the Division has at its disposal both photo-electron spectroscopy and photon spectroscopy facilities, the latter spanning from Ultraviolet to Terahertz. The division is also involved in synchrotron-based studies under different international collaborative projects and in the development of surface x-ray scattering beamline at the INDUS-2 synchrotron.


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