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Computer Section maintains various IT infrastructure of the campus as central facilities. The central facilities are open to all the users of the Institute.

High Speed Local Area Network— Wired and Wireless Infrastructure: SINP boasts to have a fully structured network environment in place for more than a decade now. The network is divided into security zones called MZ (Militarized zone) and DMZ (de-Militarized Zone); and connected to Internet via a Firewall/Router. All inward access is either via VPN or dual-hop inward secured shell access. All the internet facing servers are placed in the DMZ.

Presently there are 2 core switches and 12 distribution switches. All the distribution switches are fibre-connected to both of the core switches forming seamless HA (high available) infrastructure. The main backbone (Core-Distribution) is 1G and Distribution to Edge switches, about 32 in numbers are either 100Mbps or some cases 1G via copper.

There are about 42 Access Points connecting to Wireless LAN Controller via the wired network to provide wireless access cloud throughout the campus. Various SSIDs are broadcast to facilitate different categories of users. Users are authenticated with Radius servers in the backend which are running in virtual and physical infrastructures on High Availability mode. Segregation between guests and local users are ensured based on user credentials and hardware addresses of the respective devices to ensure wireless security.

Layer 3 IP Virtual LANs are configured and various access control lists (ACL) are employed to sanitize traffic and ensure better utilization of the network resources. The ACLs also help to restrict any malware activity. There are about 1500 end point connections laid for wired machines/devices and about 200+ active wireless end points/nodes connected to our network.More...


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