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Research fellows at the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, launched an organized effort to identify themselves as a community right from late 70's. Such an endeavour was primarily oriented at providing a shoulder to the students confronting eventualities. With the passage of years the activities of the community have ventured to spread into a wider spectrum. The sense of oneness, the consciousness of a class as a whole, the extracurricular strides, have all been passed down, as a rich legacy, to the generations of students. Research Scholars at SINP, apart from engaging themselves in active academic pursuit, enthuse about vast vistas of extracurricular activities. These include blood donation camps, tree plantation programmes, colloquiums, and cultural presentations. The blood donation camp, organized by the research fellows every summer, with ever increasing number of donors, is now a part of the glittering tradition of the institute. The student community of SINP keeps their interest undamped with issues that are beyond their immediate research interests, as reflected in the wide range of colloquiums on diverse titles. To epitomize, the students at SINP have redefined research as an attitude that incorporates dynamism and dimensions and thus promises the coveted completeness that an ideal education stands for.


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